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620x200 Sam Townsend

SAM TOWNSEND, Author/Teacher/Businessman, and Sustainable Living advocate, holds a BA Degree in Economics fromBucknellUniversityand a MBA in Finance from theWhartonSchool. Sam has been a senior lender and President and CEO of various banks and served as a director of many banks and affiliated corporations. He has been a registered investment advisor and investment manager, a business and personal financial planner, and a management consultant to various businesses and Christian ministries.

Besides his work with ALHWays LLC and affiliates, Sam manages family investments and is mainly engaged in “last days” stewardship and Christian living ministry. He is President of Be In Wholeness, Inc., a 501(c)(3) ministry teaching and supporting biblical healing and wholeness.  Sam is a sought-after speaker and consultant on “last days” living and productive economy issues and is Chairman of Townsend Advisory Group and of Harm’s Way Solutions.


KERRY FINK, author/expert/broadcaster, Sam’s Prepared ALHWaysTM Co-Host, has decades of major-market on-the-air broadcast experience as well as extensive experience in Broadcast and Christian Multi-Media management. His experience also includes an extensive background in consumer market research direction and implementation for major Radio Broadcast groups domestically and internationally.

Kerry also has become an expert on the Modern Mature Market via his development of the Music of Your Life Radio Network, during his tenure, to more than 200+ Radio Stations coast-to-coast and today has worked with Christian FM Radio Network, a 24/7 Contemporary Christian Music format, feeding programming to dozens of Radio Stations coast-to-coast.  Kerry also has appeared as guest speaker on various television shows and himself is a sought-after consultant/speaker.

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